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empirica Communication and Technology Research based in Bonn, Germany, is a private research and consultancy business specialised in innovation processes and the management of large-scale European projects for both private and public clients. empirica has established itself as a leading European and global institute with a broad understanding of the political, strategic, clinical, business, and socio-economic questions raised by health system change and eHealth tools. It has provided services to the European Parliament, European Commission, WHO, OECD, European Space Agency, national and regional governments, healthcare providers, and global eHealth industrial players.

Role in the project

emprica is leading and coordinating the communication and dissemination activities for the project ENT1DEP. It is developing and managing the project’s visual identity and ensuring effective engagement with stakeholders across the healthcare value chain. This includes creating a project website and providing updates and information to stakeholders, including healthcare providers and public health authorities. Additionally, empirica drives the exploitation of the project’s findings, focusing on strategies for the sustainable development of new healthcare products and policies.  

Principal investigators

Malte von Tottleben 
Daniel S.
Daniel Schmidtmann