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Keijo Viiri

PhD in 2009 about molecular biology of the celiac disease followed by postdoctoral research period 2009-2013 at University College London studying the role of non-coding RNAs in epigenetic regulation and stem cell biology. Established own research group at the Tampere University in 2014 and obtained docentship in 2018 and Academy of Finland Research fellowship 2017-2022. Since 2023 head of laboratory unit at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology.  

Research in ISE group is focused on studying the pathogenesis of celiac disease at the molecular level and assessing the efficacy of potential novel drugs for the disease. We are also studying the basic molecular epigenetic mechanisms regulating the homeostasis of the intestinal epithelium in health and disease. We also study mechanisms how inflammatory signals affect intestinal homeostaisis. Moreover, molecular mechanisms regulating hormonal signals in gut-pancreas axis is also under study in ISE group.